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Elementary Memory Induction Course

GEC, one of the supporting bodies of the World Memory Championships, is committed to promoting and nurturing young people's interest in memory methods.

"World Open Memory Championships’ provides people with an extraordinary memory ability a good opportunity for exchange and learning from each other.

Those who get outstanding results can get the Memory Master Award."

The Second Hong Kong Memory Open Championships is hosted by the Hong Kong Memory Sports Council, which is Hong Kong’s only memory Competition being recognized by the World Memory Sports Council. All the results will be used to calculate the world rankings.


The Second Hong Kong Memory Open Championships was held on 13 September 2014. GEC arranged students from G.T. College to observe how the players participated in the event.


If you wish to know more details about the Hong Kong Memory Open Championships, you can browse the following link:


The Second Hong Kong Memory Open Championships

According to the 2013 assessment criteria done by the World Memory Sports Council, individuals who want to receive the title of International Master of Memory (IMM) must need to meet the following three conditions:


1. Memorising 1000 digits in 1 hour;

2. Memorising 10 decks of cards in 1 hour; and

3. Memorising 1 deck of cards within 2 minutes


GEC was very honoured to invite local Hong Kong grandmaster of memory Mr. Tsz-kit Fong on 3 September 2014 to visit G.T. College to organise an Elementary Memory Induction Course for Grade 8-9 students. The enrollment was enthusiastic. During the course, Mr. Fong used a vivid and interesting way to teach students memory methods. Some individual students also showed their memory talent. From that first encounter, students were able to remember nearly 100 unrelated words within fifteen minutes.


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