Gifted Education Council
Since 1988

In 1994, the Gifted Education Council first hosted The 1st Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Olympiad Competition and training programme, and the response was enthusiastic.

Mathematical Olympiad School

In 1995, GEC established the Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad School to focus on training students’ mathematical talent. The Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad School has been organising local mathematics competitions and training courses for a number of years and its objectives are mainly to:



provide challenging topics in order to increase students' interest in Mathematics

promote Mathematics and improve the level of mathematics for students in Hong Kong

nurture students to appreciate Mathematics

nurture students’ computing skills, number sense, spatial sense and logical reasoning ability

inspire students 'creativity and increase students' communicative ability

nurture students to work hard with an preserving spirit

provide learning opportunities abroad, and interaction with overseas elite in Mathematics


10 Ling Kwong Street, Tiu Keng Leng, Tsueng Kwan O, NT, Hong Kong



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