Gifted Education Council
Since 1988


The Gifted Education Council (GEC)

was founded by Professor Rex LI Ip Fu in 1988, which was registered as a charity organisation in the following year (Registration No.: CP/SR/19/7364).


The mission of GEC is to promote gifted education and train gifted children. GEC is the founding organisation of

G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College (GTC).


The Gifted Education Council was established in 1988.

Latest events
兩 岸
Activities 三 城 教 育 論 壇
(1) Toys N Voice (2) Gifted Education Council set up the 25th Anniversary Symposium (3) Elementary Memory Induction Course

Toys N Voice is a special activity organised for primary students. GEC invited Visual Arts teachers and GTC students to make household items into different gadgets.

GEC invited Prof. SHI Jiannong , Prof. WANG Hong , Prof. CHEN Lung An and Prof. Rex LI Ip Fu  together to share their unique perspectives on gifted education.


GEC, one of the supporting bodies of the World Memory Championships, is committed to promoting and nurturing young people's interest in memory methods.

(4) The 10th Project Talent Search (5) Life Education Seminar (6) Taiwan Higher Education Delegation

The 10th Project Talent Search Prize Giving Ceremony was held successfully. Project Talent Search is a programme which aims to discover the talents of gifted Primary 6 students in the Secondary Multiple Intelligences Test.

GEC invited Professor ZHU Yuan-Hsiang, president of Shu-Te University from Taiwan, to G.T. College to preside his life education seminar “Harmony: An Investigation on how Two Sexes Get Along"  as the theme.

In order to broaden and open GEC’s foreign exchange network and strengthen its international perspective, the GEC Chairman and the Secretary General visited a total of five cities from Taipei to Tainan , five universities and two secondary schools.

(7) Christmas Variety Fundraising Show

Before celebrating the festive Christmas season, GEC and the Parent-Teacher Association of GTC held a variety show.

(8) Sciencecraft

Sciencecraft is a community service project organised for the primary school students who have received little scientific training. We hope, through this activity, students can find their talent in science. We served Lok Sin Tong Lau Tak Primary School and STFA Leung Kit Wah Primary School.


10 Ling Kwong Street, Tiu Keng Leng, Tsueng Kwan O, NT, Hong Kong


(9) The 5th International Arts Olympiad (Hong Kong Region)

The Arts Olympiad was first launched in the China Region in 2015-16. GEC and the Powerful Talents Foundation are the official organisers of the event in the Hong Kong Region. The captioned event offers an opportunity for children who are gifted in art to participate in an international arts competition and receive training from professionals.



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The council has organised large-scale educational activities which have benefited more than 10, 000 students and parents.

Future Plan

Establishment of  Asian Gifted Education Alliance (2016 - 2017)